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The final year of college is a time when you think about spreading your wings. Not everyone has figured what they want to do. While the immediate aim is to pass out, the fact is before you know you are out there building your future. 

Many questions boil up. How do you perceive the world outside. What are the possibilities and what are the challenges. Which path to choose. Study more or start working. Where to start a search. Who should I reach. What do I really want. 

The demands and rewards vary considerably across professions. People are unique and so are their situations. It is not surprising when a profession does not always come as a choice. There are times when it is the result of a need to earn a living and the availability of market opportunities.

What are your Learning Goals associated with your dream?, What is needed for your first job? These are all questions you need to ask yourself often. The career goal for each one of us is to be doing something we can connect with and is rewarding and meaningful to us.

At PenPositive we do not think you have to decide immediately and even if you do, you will be tied to one profession. You can pursue multiple opportunities to make sure you are able to expand and grow within you. It all starts with sitting down with a paper and listing out and itemizing your goals.

The key to any profession is to make it most rewarding for you at the same time ensuring that the demands do not break you as a person.

Opportunity is not something that is out there and you just have to reach it. Opportunity is what you consciously build. And you never pursue one opportunity alone. The world is vast and so are the possibilities and challenges. What you need to equip yourself to try new things. The ability to adapt and continuously learn and unlearn so you remain current and relevant.

The key is to understand all facets of what and why we do something. Why are we in a job or a profession?

When you are in the final leg of your degree, the whole world is yours to choose from. The more you try new things and explore, you will land on what can be your true calling. 

Time lost is not time wasted if you use it to do something creative that makes you a better person

We all want to enjoy our work and career and be happy. And we  believe this is our right to pursue. Let’s work together so we can all be prepared before you take that big leap.

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