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Minimal Agile during a crisis


There are two things that I have found very important. One is Being Minimal and the other is Being agile. I did not come up with that idea of Minimal agile thinking that it might make sense during a crisis. But today I find it more important than anything else Minimal because it is more manageable and it also helps in extending our Runway as it is going to take some time before we all start...

What does ‘Having Fun’ Really mean?


Having fun can mean a lot of different things for different people. But my philosophy has been that if we can have fun in a way that costs us least that would be the best. No wonder some of the best fun times we have had is when we are with family and friends chatting and sharing a laughter.​I remember what one of my friend told me a long time ago. He was at that time married new and was...

How can we be agile in life?


One of the fundamental needs in work and life is the ability to be agile. But at a time when so much competing and conflicting priorities bombard at us we are all overwhelmed at times; in personal lives, at work, within the society we live in. Even those people who exhibit extreme calmness, resilience and success in one aspect of life buckle down in others. Why is that? We live in a world where...

Think Big – Redefine Your Career Boundaries


The demands and rewards vary considerably across professions. People are unique and so are their situations. It is not surprising when a profession does not always come as a choice. There are times when it is the result of a need to earn a living and the availability of market opportunities. That said the key to any profession is to make it most rewarding for you at the same time...

Write your Memoir; Be Your Own Memoirist


We all hold stories from our life that we want to tell but not many of us embark on writing them. PenPositive’s Idea of Memoir Publish is to help people in writing and publishing their Memoir. We believe that everyone in this world has a story from their life that the world needs to know and has the power to change. ‘Memoir’ comes from the French Language meaning memory or reminiscence. While...

agile teen – The Art of agile writing for teens


This is an online workshop I conceived and intends to address three areas of development among teenagers as they look ahead into their future, education, career and aspirations Agile principles teach you how to prioritize, remove impediments, stay focused, move quickly and create valueWriting is not given the same priority as reading though it is the most used skill at work and college.Use...

Agile Poetry – Poetry for agile teams


Agile Poetry is a unique and creative way to engage teams like never before. At PenPositive we believe everyone can express creatively, and it just needs a start. A Poetry Workshop is not just about writing, it is also about reading, about living and expressing a poem. A one of its kind experience for your team to creatively collaborate and bind. A journey through reading, writing and expressing...

Create Content : Seize Your Digital Footprints


In the Digital Era, Content is part of you and you are part of the content. From a selfie or just being a bystander in a picture to your targeted blog post or Video channel, you take part, create, consume and promote content on a regular basis.​Now we all know that there are few people who like to stay away from all this. But if you use a Social Media or at least use your phone or laptop to read...

Learn More – New Skills, New Perspectives and New Prospects


Today’s preparation defines our tomorrow. Whether it is about our passion or our profession it is important that we prepare ourself. The internet and tools available enable us to embark on various levels of training and certifications. We can give you the guidance and help you find the tools across a range of skills that will prepare you for a rewarding and meaningful future. What are...

Start Small – Unlock Your Passion and Make it Happen


‘Start Small’ is what we usually say to people who never start. It is also the best way to get started. An Idea, an interest, a passion; everything needs a start. And if we are bothered about taking it till the end, then we will never see the end if we don’t start. Can we? So let’s start small.​Some people pursue their passion more than others even though they have the same 24 hours in a day. It...

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