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There are two things that I have found very important. One is Being Minimal and the other is Being agile. I did not come up with that idea of Minimal agile thinking that it might make sense during a crisis. But today I find it more important than anything else

Minimal because it is more manageable and it also helps in extending our Runway as it is going to take some time before we all start taking off.

Agile because there is no better way to work from Home other than being agile. Time Boxing, daily planning, breaking into smaller work, retrospecting, you name it. Every ritual and tool seems to make so much more sense

I am sure a few people will think, “But agile needs to be face to face”. Yes that is how it was formed and that was more than 20 years ago. World has changed a lot if you had not realized. And that is where my argument that it is even more important at these times.

Now when we work from home, it is not like how it was before. We have few other people at home during their stuff, Your Spouse on a call and kids doing their studies. It is like working on a Sunday and the Sunday never ends.

Agile gives you a perspective of what is important and what is to be prioritized for morning afternoon and evening. Tomorrow, the day after and so on. You need to plan more than just work. Be agile….

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